Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Suggestions Wanted

A number of viewers have commented on the various websites linking to this that it is a shame I have abandoned the Citroen hydropneumatic suspension. I agree, it is a shame. However, because my car is rear wheel drive, the original rear suspension was entirely unsuited.

As I said on a prior page, if I use an independent A-arm type rear suspension, then maybe I can still use the citroen hydropneumatic springing. The idea would be to replace the coilover springs all around with pushrods and pivots that lead to the original Citroen pneumatic spring spheres. I would also need the hydraulic pump, fluid reservoir, main accumulator and height correctors.

Here are two available A-arm rear ends:

I would appreciate any comments about the technical pitfalls I might encounter making this change. I realize the change will cost money.