Monday, January 09, 2006

Kevin Bradley

I talked to a local hot rod builder who specializes in '32 Fords, Vern Tardell. I guess he's actually kind of famous. He thought it was an interesting idea but he didn't want to do it.

Then I was browsing at a hot rod show in Fortuna, California when I ran into Kevin Bradley, a hot rod builder from that area. I told him about my idea. He thought it sounded fun. I checked out his operation and some other cars he had done. He took a look at my car. He told me his ideas and made a proposal. We made a deal. He took the car to Rio Dell and got started.

For cost reasons, I made two compromises, that I am still conflicted about. I agreed to use a solid rear axle instead of independent rear suspension. And I agreed to give up the Citroen hydropneumatic springing and ride leveling system.

I gave up the independent rear suspension on the theory that I will use the car as a family-type cruiser rather than a road racer. We could have used a modified corvette-type independent rear suspension but that would have added quite a bit to the cost. I gave up the hydropneumatic springing and ride levelling system for several reasons. Kevin had no experience with it (who does?), our rebuilt version of the car is heavier than the original, we'd given up the independent rear anyway, and if I really wanted to I could use air-ride springs.