Monday, January 09, 2006

The Dream

First, I thought I would restore it myself. How hard can it be? Then I realized it wasn't an issue of difficulty but an issue of patience. I found I lacked patience. Next, I thought I would pay someone to restore it. Then I learned what many have learned before, it is cheaper to buy a pristine example then to pay for a restoration. I had a dilemma. I wanted to have this car and drive it but it made no economic sense to restore it to original. And if I was going to pay too much money for something there were some things I would change. Like, I'd want more power. How about 400 horsepower instead of the 88 original horsepower? And air conditioning; I need air conditioning. It's probably not very safe the way it is. Can I improve the safety features; maybe strengthen the passenger compartment somewhat? One thing led to another.

This is where it finally ended up. I spec'd a 400+ horsepower corvette crate engine, an appropriate transmission, rear wheel drive instead of the existing front wheel drive, beefed up independent suspension and brakes all around, and a new interior. Basically I wanted a new car with the old body.