Saturday, January 28, 2006

It Makes No Sense For Me to Change The Suspension Now

The estimate to remove the live axle and install one of the independent suspensions below is about $8,000. The suspension parts alone are $2,950. The rear frame would need to be modified as well as the wheel wells and trunk areas. With tax and labor it would come to $8,000.

I got a quote of $10,000 to $30,000 to install citroen hydropneumatic springing with height correction and roll correction. That assumes that the independent rear is already in place.

The total change would come to somewhere between $18,000 and $38,000. It would be crazy to make the change when you consider that I could buy a DS in good condition from Citroen Concourse of America, EBay, or similar for $15,000 to $20,000. I could even buy the most expensive Citroen on offer for the top end of that range. For example, there is what appears to be a pristine chapron available for $45,000 (which seems high to me.)

I took a ride in this 'Cuda that Kevin has built and it handles very well. It has the same suspension that is in my Citroen. The 'Cuda weighs alot more, too. The Citroen will be alot of fun to drive. (The 'Cuda won best of show at the recent San Francisco Rod & Custom Show).I know many of you Citroen purists will still complain that I have desecrated a valuable masterpiece. But, tough luck. If it was such a valuable piece of machinery, why was I able to buy it for $600?

I think Pablo said it well on one of the German websites linked to this. (My translation) "How many DS/ID have already been restored in the world? In France there are millions. Where is the sacrilege? It is not a cult object since umpteen have been built. It is only revolutionary. Now here is an amateur handicraftsman who builds with admirable professionalism and care a 2006 variant. It’s his personal vision. It speaks of his creativity, humor and individuality. Does one have to see everything by the 'Oldie eyeglasses'? You should have tolerance instead of the narrow-mindedness of a garden dwarf. (Thank you anonymous for the translation help.)