Friday, February 24, 2006

Some Details

Engine shroud.Dash with instruments, mirror and hvac panels.

Roll Out Into The Sun

I went for a seat fitting yesterday. Kevin rolled the car out into the sun for some pictures. Most metalwork under the skin is complete. They will start doing bodywork soon. These pictures show the general shape and stance of the car.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hot Rod Magazine, April, 2006

Kevin's Barracuda made the cover of Hot Rod Magazine! It also got 6 pages inside. I rode in it, too. See my January 28 post.
...And what is this on page 34? That Citroen looks familiar. Rumor has it that the magazine is coming back to take more pictures of the Citroen when it is finished.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rear End

This is an approximation of how the rear end will look. There are still a number of wrinkles to fix and lights to replace. And everything will be rechromed. The car had been hit at the back so the bumper was mangled. I'm sticking with a mostly stock look.

Hiding the Roll Structure

Sheet metal has been used to blend the roll styructure into the body shell. This is the passenger side 'B' pillar.Passenger side "B' pillar, 'C' pillar and above the rear door. The roll hoop will not be covered where it angles away from the 'C' pillar at the back.Drivers side 'C' pillar. Again, the bar will not be covered where it angles away from the 'C' pillar at the back.

Hood Latch and Engine Cover

A reinforcing panel was added to the underside of the hood. It carries the new hood latching mechanism.There has been some progress on the engine cover. It has changed some since the January 28 post. It now carries the hood latching mechanism.