Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rear Suspension

Here's a closer look at the modified four-link suspension. I know it is much more archaic than the original hydropneumatic independent suspension. But it can handle the added power without any additional engineering. Keep in mind that the original was front wheel drive. The rear suspension arms would have needed reworking to accept drivelines. And there was an engineering question about how those arms would accept the additional loads coming from the drivelines.I think the ideal solution would have been to make an independent rear suspension using unequal A-arms, coil-overs and differential from a corvette. Then at some later date, when I find an open-minded Citroen expert, I could have the hydropneumatic system reinstalled. By that I mean put in the tank, pump, main accumulator, suspension control valves, suspension pressure spheres, and height correctors. Then I would remove the coilover springs and substitute pushrods and pivots that would run to the pressure spheres.